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What we do

What we do

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Our case studies

Our case studies

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Rubber Market Investment in Thailand
The Client:
A Consulting firm who has a limited pool of experts in rubber market.
Experts in commercial or operation manager/director position who have rich experience in TSR20 product as well as its market.
How We Serve:
We provide client the qualified experts in our database from former production engineer to CFO in the rubber industry.
Client can gather market research insights from experts to make a report on decision-making in rubber market investment.
Alcoholic Beverage Market Expansion
The Client:
One of the largest alcoholic beverage company in the world
Market research of the local alcoholic beverage to plan business expansion strategies in Thailand.
How We Serve:
We find 12 experts to insight interview from sales manager at a local beer company, largest e-commerce of alcoholic beverages, to GM & Country Manager of Food & Beverage.
The insightful data from the experts was made into a presentation and the client was able to make decision on how to enter Thailand and expand their presence.
Thai Food Ingredient Company Investment
The Client:
A multinational food company
Insights for efficient options to invest in a food ingredient company in Thailand.
How We Serve:
We qualify 3 salespersons (manager level) & 3 supply chain managers & directors to meet with the client.
Client made their best investment decision with a potential company based on the experts’ insights.

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Experts in database across various industries and functions.
Hours to provide an expert by
professional recruiters.
Expert network service provider in Thailand.

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Business Expertise
  • Organization re-design & cost reduction
  • Digital transformation strategies
  • New business model innovation
  • Market entry & due diligence
  • Understanding best practices
Industries Expertise
  • Healthcare, wellness & medical tourism
  • Food innovation, agriculture & biotechnology
  • Robotics, industrial automation & smart factories
  • FinTech, blockchain, digital assets & crypto currency
  • Technology, artificial intelligence, mobile & social e-commerce

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